Anti-wear nozzles for 3D printing

What we do

When you print with a filament 3d printer all the plastic material flows through a nozzle that usually is made of metal.
Plastic filaments contain many ingredients that erode outlet orifice and quickly reduce print quality.
Our wear resistant nozzle are made of brass that is a good heat conducting, while the orifices are made of sapphire or hard metal carbide. Hard orifice is easy to clean and form stable, this to ensure uniform print quality to last a lifetime, even with abrasive/wearing material such as carbon,metal, ceramic,glass and highly filled filaments.


Smooth surface and shape of the outlet channel offers a low friction, improves plastic flow, and reduces the likelihood of clogging.
Thanks to excellent antiwear properties, rounded nozzle tip improves print quality surface, with very fine details even with PLA, ABS and common plastics.

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Hard metal carbide is less stable than sapphire, but electrically conductive, choose it only in case your printer works by nozzle contact for auto bed levelling.
Standard available bore hard metal / sapphire 0.4 and 0.6 mm, other sizes upon request, for a complete compatibility list check our table: